Keiter Feliz

Keiter Feliz

Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur; Founder of #ItsCoolToHaAnAccent; Proud father of a Special Needs/Olympic Volunteer teenager.
Diana Feliz

Diana Feliz


Entrepreneur; Broadcaster & Mother of three. “Learning a second language was tough but I did it”. Founder of #ItsCoolToHaAnAccent

Joyce Padilla

Joyce Padilla


Passionate Branding & Marketing Consultant for over 15 years; Mother of four, yet I find the time to train for Jiu jitsu. “I have always believed that everyone should be treated equally, no matter what”. Co-Founder of #ItsCoolToHaAnAccent

Jhonattan Bonilla

Jhonattan Bonilla

Brand Director

Jhonattan is a Theo-Therapist, a Canadian designer, storyteller & creative with passion for design & social purpose; he left Colombia in 2001 looking for a new home.

Our team richness lies in the mists of bilingualism and biculturalism; we’re parents, leaders and dreamers looking forward to a brighter future, we love Canada.

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Inspired people around the globe & counting
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The Story

Keiter was in the midst of a motivational talk at a high school and as was answering some of the student’s questions he asked a student directly, DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? She replied, “yes but I don’t like it because I have an accent!”. Keiter answered: “you speak two languages and not everyone can say that”. She clearly grasped his message and agreed instantly.

When Keiter resumed the assembly he began to speak in Spanish and he asked who can understand him, the student lifts up her hand and he acknowledged her as a confirmation that it is COOL. He shared his new message to everyone and they yelled it back with all their might.

The feedback was so positive we continued to share the message. The positive instant impact it created needed to reach more people because it creates awareness relevant to critical issues of bullying, racism and xenophobia around the world.

Having an accent makes you YOU, makes you different, makes you special, makes you unique, it shows you are a brave, persistent and a strong individual.

Speaking with an accent opens the door to share your life story…we all have one.

Embracing others with an accent shows you are accepting, tolerant and real. is cool, to have an accent.


The Action Plan



We are making a short documentary showcasing real stories of struggles with bullying, racism and xenophobia due to people’s “accents” or the way they talk to create awareness and to inspire others in taking action to be part of the change.


Inspirational Talk

We are visiting schools, workspaces, and communities to create awareness in a workshop format: We share, ask, listen, and inspire individuals to be part of a simple yet powerful solution to end bullying, racism, and xenophobia by opening up in a group format.


Social Engagement

People often change their perspectiveAfter realizing that “It’s Cool To Have An Accent” we encourage everyone to become a positive bystander by helping us build stronger communities.


Call to Action

100% of the proceeds goes to help us create the FILM. Get a T-shirt. Be part of the movement donating here.


Word Spreading

That moment is now. Love each accent, listen to the story and share the mission, because we all have one.

  • Testimonial
    Adam Hurley PEAC School For Elite Athletes Director

    An exceptional and motivational talk was given to our students. They broke down barriers and provided students with several important reasons to treat everyone equally and to learn from one another. The talk was very engaging; all of our students got involved and several contributed to the important discussion, they really open the eyes of all students and staff!

  • Testimonial
    Lynda WardSpecial Olympic Ontario-GTA and Mississauga

    It's Cool to Have an Accent is a wonderful and timely interactive session for children and teens. They need to know that we are all equal and that even if we come from very different cultures, we are all the same. We all have an accent! Let's get this program out into the world of media and make a huge impact on each and every child. They are our future and our hope.

  • Testimonial
    Francisca EpaleAward-winning Author: The Naked Educator

    “Fluently bilingual in English and French, I am the offspring of a Cameroonian father and a Jamaican mother. Therefore, I have an accent. Prior to taking the workshop, It's Cool To Have An Accent, I felt uncomfortable when someone said: "Francisca, you have an accent, where are from?" After the workshop, I learnt we should be proud we have an accent for it is an asset and it defines who we are.”